Transfer Ipad 2 Files


IPad 2 Cases  v.1.0

If you're looking for comparisons of iPad 2 cases and accessories, make sure to download this program. Check out for more information on this software and how it can help you make a better decision. Some more info: The

Binfer Transfer/Send Large Files Easily  v.2.2

Binfer is file transfer software for sending & receiving large files without uploading them on any servers.


MediaCoder iPod Edition  v.

MediaCoder iPod Edition is a free and excellent H.264 transcoder that will not only transform all your audio and video files into a format that your iPod can play, but also into iPhone- and iPad-compatible files.

SuperAlbum  v.1 5

SuperAlbum is a fully functional album creation and deployment tool. Albums can be easily deployed onto the web with using only 2 files. No more messy thumbnails and waiting for pictures to download.

Altarsoft Ftp Client  v.1 1

Program allows you to transfer and manage files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). It can upload, download, create, rename, move, delete files and


AddressCube is a portable address manager, easy to use and without any superfluous functions. The application consists of 2 files, the application itself (AddressCube.exe) and the database file (AddressCube.xml). Both files are in the same

Mopal Free Video Player

Mopal Free Video Player is a powerful video player. It plays ASF WMV DAT(VCD) 3GP and MPEG-1/2 files. MPEG-1/2 video player. Play DAT (VCD). Play 3GP video. Play Windows Media: WMV (windows media video), ASF. (except DRM-Protected windows media files)

Cucusoft MPEG to DVD Author  v.1 9

Cucusoft MPEG to DVD author is a DVD authoring/converter software. This application will allow you to convert your MPEG-2 files to IFO and VOB files so that you can burn them. That is exactly everything this application will let you do.

SimpleMencoderShellGUI  v.

SMSG - Simple Mencoder Shell GUI is a software that gives a user the ability to create DVD format MPEG 2 files, or ffmpeg (Mplayer compatible) AVI's.

Motorola MP3 Loader  v.

The MP3 Loader utility provides functions to help the user transfer digital music files from a computer to her/his MP3 Player enabled iDEN handset.

VuBrief  v.

VuBrief is a program that allows you to transfer and synchronize files between computers via FTP, over your network, or between different folders on the same computer. The application is also able to create backup files.

Ketronft  v.

KETRONFT is a utility program that allows you to transfer and manage files to/from the serial port of the Personal Computer. To use this software you need the special cable 9AC123 to connect the keyboard to the Personal Computer.

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